Ellen Evans Receives PBA Outstanding Student Award

PBA Davis Class VIII is proud of their classmate, Ellen Evans, associate breeder of cucumber at HM.Clause Vegetable Seeds, on receiving the 2023 UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy Outstanding Student Award. The award was presented at the ASTA Leadership Summit in Sacramento on June 12, 2023. 

Read the full Seed World article to learn more about Ellen's experience in PBA.

Leadership Program for Plant Breeders and Scientists - Course Wrap Up

Last week, a diverse class of 32 plant breeders and scientists from 11 Countries, and 25 Seed Organizations, across continents completed the Seed Biotechnology Center at UC Davis (SBC) Leadership program for Plant Breeders and Scientists (LEAD), a course taught in-person at Davis campus and given once a year. Former Management Program for Plant Breeders has grown into LEAD and is extended to 3 full days with added interactive case studies.

EPBA Welcomes Class VII in Enkhuizen

The UC Davis European Plant Breeding Academy welcomed a new class in early October 2022. Class VII completed Week 1 (of 6) in Enkhuizen “City of Seeds” in the Netherlands with help from our friends at Seed Valley in Enkhuizen. Class took place at the famous Museum Sow to Grow and the class enjoyed their first industry visits at Syngenta and Bayer. Next up is Week 2 in Angers, France in March 2023!

PBA VIII Completes Week 3

Class VIII of the Plant Breeding Academy is officially halfway through their PBA program after completing its third week in Davis. The topics covered this week were Hybrid Breeding, Heterosis, Genotyping, Heterotic groups, just to name a few. Kendra Armstrong, Jay Patel, and our Academy Director Jovan Djordjevic returned in person with the class, and they were joined by guest presenters Ken Owens and Kidist Kibret.