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"Seeds are nature’s best design for packaging genetic information in a storage container that is durable and easily used. Researchers are now beginning to unravel the genetic information carried in these seeds, and with this new knowledge come opportunities for novel approaches to select and enhance desirable genetic traits. The Seed Biotechnology Center serves as a focus for the efforts at UC Davis to use the knowledge gained from genomics to improve seed quality and value." Neal Van Alfen, Former Dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UC Davis


Faculty Support

UC Davis has more than 120 faculty members engaged in research and teaching in plant sciences with expertise in seed biology and technology, genetics, developmental biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, plant pathology, weed science, agricultural engineering, agricultural economics, entomology, nematology and nutrition. UC Davis offers areas of emphasis in Plant Reproductive Biology, Genomics and Bioinformatics, ensuring a strong academic and research foundation for seed biotechnology. 
The SBC has launched a University Research Partners program which facilitates collaborations between researchers in the general area of plant biotechnology. To learn more about our faculty experts, see *page46834*.


With some 3,500 acres of agricultural land and 142,000 square feet of greenhouses space, UC Davis is a perfect home for the Seed Biotechnology Center. The campus has made significant investments in facilities to support plant sciences, including the Plant and Environmental Sciences building and the Core Greenhouse Complex, located adjacent to the Plant Reproductive Biology building where SBC is housed. The Bowley Plant Sciences Teaching Center, a privately funded $1.3 million facility dedicated to teaching in plant and crop sciences, is located between the Greenhouse Complex and the SBC. The Department of Plant Sciences invested $150,000 to equip teaching laboratories in the Bowley Center.

Programs and Resources

Agricultural Sustainability Institute
Biotechnology Program
California Center for Urban Horticulture
California Crop Improvement Association
California Institute of Food and Agricultural Research 
C.M. Rick Tomato Genetic Resources Center
College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
Contained Research Facility
Department of Plant Sciences
Research & Information Centers 
Foundation Seed Services
Foundation Plant Services
Genetic Resources Conservation Program
Genome Center
Internship and Career Center
Joe A. Heidrick, Sr. Western Center for Agricultural Equipment
Olive Center
Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture
Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Plant Transformation Facility
RMI Center for Fruit and Vegetable Quality
RMI Institute for Wine and Food Science
Statewide Master Gardener Program
Student Farm
University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources
USDA Western Center for Human Nutrition
Western Institute for Food Safety & Security