News and Updates

News and Updates

Plant Breeding Academy Graduates Class VII

Congratulations to Class VII students of the Davis Plant Breeding Academy. This class is exceptional, for they began in 2018 and the pandemic prevented them from meeting for 2 years until they finally came together for their final Week and Graduation on April 11-15. The graduating class consisted of 14 students, 9 of which were able to meet in-person in Davis, while 5 were online via Zoom. We wish a special congratulations and the best of luck to PBA Class VII! 

Plant Breeding Academy welcomes Dr. Kendra Amstrong as new instructor

Dr Kendra Armstrong has recently joined our teacher roaster of UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy, as a core instructor. 

“Being an instructor for UC Davis’ PBA is a career highlight and a great opportunity. Working with the students has been tremendously rewarding already, and I am looking forward to more great interactions in coming sessions and cohorts", said Dr Kendra Armstrong.