Careers: Origin Prime

Controlled Growth Systems Manager

Location: Davis, California, USA

About Origin Prime
Origin Prime is focused on developing a next generation approach to improve crops for global
food security. We utilize state of the art technology for gene discovery, and are creating new
products based on non-GM approaches.
Position Summary
Origin Prime is accepting applications for a full-time Controlled Growth Systems Manager who
will lead our greenhouse and plant growth chamber operations to implement and execute plant
care and experimental protocols in close coordination with Origin Prime research managers.
The selected candidate must be legally authorized to work in the United States.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Oversee the daily and periodic plant maintenance activities to provide the proper care of
plants in the company’s greenhouse and growth chamber facilities.
2. Perform propagation, pruning, irrigation application scheduling, monitoring and
management and other hands-on work.
3. Design and oversee hygiene measures to prevent the introduction and spread of pests and
4. Oversee the pest and disease monitoring and control program utilizing chemical, biological
and other control measures as appropriate.
5. Implement decisions that improve the infrastructure and management of controlled growth
facilities while working closely with R&D.
6. Coordinate the installation, repair, adjustment and maintenance of greenhouse and growth
chamber systems, machinery and equipment required for the operation of the facilities.
Systems to include evaporative cooling systems, greenhouse shading, lighting, humidifying and
mist systems, watering systems, pumps, environmental control system and manual overrides,
pneumatic controls, steam and water distribution systems, sprayers, and fertilizer injectors, as
well as plant growth chamber systems.
7. Purchase and/or replace greenhouse equipment and supplies in the greenhouse.
8. Maintain records of soil use, disease and pest control, chemical applications, purchasing
records, plant, seed and supply inventory as required internally or to ensure regulatory
9. Coordinate the delivery of plant materials and supplies to labs, growth chambers and
10. Manage the environmental control systems for the greenhouses and growth chambers
along with responding to environmental monitoring alarms.
11. Assign greenhouse space to research projects, following priorities given by the R&D Head.
12. Supervise employees and schedule staff for appropriate coverage.
13. Assist in the management of the Controlled Growth Systems operational budget, including
updating records and providing reports as needed for equipment and supply purchases.
14. Enforce research methodology and protect research integrity by providing expertise and
guidance to staff to develop and implement daily and periodic plant maintenance programs to
provide proper plant care in the greenhouses and growth chambers.
15. Provide recommendations and application of fertilizers and pest management, understand,
and implement new advances in technology and the application of technology within
greenhouse and growth chamber operations.
16. Implement and oversee biohazard programs as they relate to research involving regulated
organisms (i.e., plants, pathogens, arthropods).
17. Implement and oversee health and safety programs for greenhouses and growth chambers.
18. Ensure that the growth operations data in the Laboratory Information Management System
database is maintained and up to date.
Additional Staff Training Duties
1. Assist researchers and other personnel in planting, care, and growth to maturity with a wide
selection of plant materials.
2. Assist greenhouse and growth chamber users in the setting up, maintaining, and dismantling
of projects.
3. Supervise and train greenhouse and growth chamber staff in their areas of responsibilities.
4. Conduct tours of the greenhouse and growth chamber facilities for guests.
5. Use vehicle transportation to purchase supplies, move plants to other buildings or field.
Education and Experience Required:
• Bachelor's degree in Horticulture, Plant Biology, or other closely related field.
• At least 3 years of project management related to scientific research or work experience
in a greenhouse or similar environment.
• Prior experience in a research environment with environmental control systems.
• Prior experience with greenhouses and growth chambers within a research setting.
• Prior experience with budget spreadsheets, databases.
• Prior experience implementing Integrated Pest Management strategies or Biological
• Prior experience working in customer service.
Training, Licenses or Certifications:
Required: An appropriate State of California Pest Applicators License. Valid California driver’s
Preferred: Certification in the use and application of pesticides and herbicides is preferred.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Ability to work under pressure, independently and in a team environment, to
solve multiple problems.
• Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate with a diverse
community to cultivate and maintain relationships.
• Demonstrated supervisory experience.
• Ability to coordinate and manage multiple projects in a complex and
technical environment. Proficiency with email, Internet, word processing and
basic spreadsheets (Excel, Word).
Environmental Demands: To perform the functions of this position, the employee will be
required to perform work both within an office and outside (for instance in a greenhouse,
outside in fields etc.). When working, the employee may be exposed to a variety of
environmental factors including, but not limited to, hot or cold weather, high humidity and
exposure to noise and allergens. In performing the functions of this position, the employee may
be subjected to various mental and physical demands as well including, but not limited to,
lifting, and moving items that weigh up to fifty (50) pounds, and twisting, pushing, and pulling
movements. Ability to climb a ladder. This position will require occasional weekend and holiday
This is a full-time 100%, benefit eligible position. The proposed start date is as soon as possible.
Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications.
To ensure full consideration, candidates should apply by November 15, 2021. Please submit a
letter of application/interest, resume and contact information for three professional references
(include name, title, address, phone, e-mail). All requested information to be submitted to