Careers: Bejo Seeds Inc

Bejo Seeds, Inc. - Greenhouse Technician

Bejo Seeds, Inc. is hiring a full time greenhouse technician to start September 1, 2021.

The job is an assistant to the Senior tomato breeder Doug Heath and includes some field work as well.

To those that love genetics the position has the potential to advance to Junior breeder and even to full breeder within 8 years.  Most vegetable seed companies will only consider a completion of PhD for breeding positions so this is a unique opportunity since minimum qualification is a BS degree.  There is also an opportunity to do a “trial run” as an intern which could include some time this summer but that would be limited.  The main requirement is a love for growing plants and especially a strong interest in plant breeding.  Good powers of observation, strong scientific curiosity and desire to learn are key attributes I’m looking for.  The candidate should be a good team player as well since Bejo is a small very interconnected family-owned company.

Anyone interested can contact tomato breeder, Douglas Heath, PhD (contact info below) preferably via email and please include your current resume with all relevant experience and recommendations.  Include also a brief explanation of your background and why you are interested in the position. 

Bejo is located in Oceano just south of Pismo Beach on the Central Coast.  Feel free to set up a tour here with me and if things go well we can add a more formal interview at a later date if both parties are interested.  Depending on my schedule I may be able to set up a date that I can do interviews right on the UCD campus as well.


Please direct questions to:
Douglas Heath, PhD