Seed Biotechnology Center
Seed Biotechnology Center
Seed Biotechnology Center
University of California
Seed Biotechnology Center

Past Research

Breeding Tools

  • Development of unique genetic mapping microarrays for lettuce and pepper containing 35,000 genes each
  • Discovery of molecular markers (SNPs) in tomato, potato, carrot and cotton germplasm
  • Introgression genomics in vegetable and field crop breeding programs

Novel Traits
    •    Functional testing in crop plants of genes identified in model systems
    •    Application of mutagenesis and TILLING to identify useful traits
    •    QTL analyses of economically important traits

Seed Quality and Technology
    •    Molecular genetic analyses of thermoinhibition in lettuce seeds
    •    Assessment of new technologies to measure seed respiration
    •    Studies on seed priming and seed longevity

Commercialization and Co-existence
    •    Gene flow studies in cotton and alfalfa

The Center also works on a number of public service activities.
The SBC established and works with the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Plant Transformation Facility for research on new products and transgenic plants.
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