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Behind the Greens videos

The Seed Biotechnology Center teamed up with Vantage Point Media and their website to develop educational video clips for the consumer and to bring awareness to the value of plant breeding. These educational videos reflect SBC’s desire to encourage the consumer to take a closer look at where the food they consume comes from.

  • Kent Bradford - Kent’s video clip focuses on Cross Breeding: Cross Breeding allows the development of leafy green varieties to suit every pallet
  • Allen Van Deynze - Allen addresses the benefits of Pepper Breeding: Research into seed genetics offers disease resistant peppers
  • Fred Bliss - Fred talks about the UC Davis Peach Research
  • Roger Chetelat - Take a walk on wild side with U.C. Davis tomato researcher Roger Chetelat

Other videos

  • Plants With One Genetic Parent - UCD Plant Biologist Dr. Simon Chan discusses a novel method that his group recently discovered for producing plants that carry genetic material from only one of their parents.


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