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  • Kent Bradford interviewed about mysterious seeds sent in mail. View video
  • SBC director Allen Van Deynze, Jeff Zischke (Senior Director Research and Development, Sakata Seed America) and Andy LaVigne (President and CEO, ASTA) discussed the importance of plant breeding innovation such a gene editing with the American Frozen Food Institute.
  • Allen Van Deynze invited as plenary speaker: Oxford Nanopore London Calling, 2020. Learn more
  • UC Davis coffee researchers Juan Medrano and Allen Van Deynze (SBC Director) featured on CBS News. Watch Now
  • Allen Van Deynze participates in Introduction to Food Innovation video discussion, hosted by the World Food Center. Learn more


  • SBC celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2019! Flier (PDF)
  • Kent Bradford was featured on UC ANR's weekly veggie video "Seed and Variety Improvement". He discusses the importance of seed development and breeding to the California vegetable seed industry.
  • The SBC is proud and excited to announce the release of our 2018 Annual Report! Read all about our numerous outreach, research and educational activities over the past year. It has been a busy and productive one! Read Report
  • SBC Research Director Allen Van Deyzne and Researcher Theresa Hill received a Science Translation and Innovative Research (STAIR™) Grant award. Read more
  • Samantha Hilborn (M.S. student working with Allen Van Deynze's group) participated in the annual Congressional Visits Day program organized by the Crop Science Society of America, held in Washington D.C. Read more
  • The Horticulture Innovation Lab hosted a webinar entitled "Dry Chain: Solving dried commodity losses due to moisture and humidity" with a panel of UC Davis representatives. SBC distinguished professor, Kent Bradford joined them to discuss how the dry chain protects the quality of dry commodities. Watch now
  • Congratulations to Allen Van Deynze, director of research at the SBC and associate director of the Plant Breeding Center at UC Davis. He was awarded the UC Davis Academic Federation's 2019 Excellence in Research Award. Read more
  • UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center partnership with African Orphan Crop Consortium prepare underutilized crops for success. Read more
  • Plant Breeding Academy Addresses Global Food Needs: UC Davis' Department of Plant Sciences shares how PBA is changing the global food supply one scientist at a time. Read article
  • UC Davis Horticulture Innovation Lab’s DryCard improves the health of communities by testing the dryness of grains, seeds. Dr. Kent Bradford, SBC Director, describes how the amazing DryCard works. Read more
  • Comstock Magazine highlights the value of locating Sakata’s Woodland Innovation Center in the Sacramento Valley. Read more
  • SBC co-founder and researcher Kent Bradford discusses DryCards at center's Seed Production Course along with class participant Suhas Barge. Read more
  • During his visit to India, Kent Bradford, SBC Director, inaugurates facility where solar drying chambers are located and dubs it the first comprehensive field-tested dry chain system in India. Read more
  • SBC Director of Research Allen Van Deynze shares his insight on spicy tomato research. Read more
  • Allen Van Deynze, SBC's Director of Research and Scientific Director of African Orphan Crops Consortium highlights effort to accelerate the ability of African scientists to develop better seeds and improve the diets of Africa’s children. Read more
  • PBA participants ensuring the world's food supply one student at a time. Read more


  • SBC Research Director Allen Van Deynze discusses the intricacies, art and science of plant breeding in this Breeding Better Tomatoes. podcast
  • Congratulations to Seed Central co-founders Francois Korn and Kent Bradford for receiving the UC Davis Chancellor’s Innovative Community Partner of the Year Award (2018). Read more
  • A recent UC ANR online article highlighted the work of SBC graduate student Rachel F. Greenhut and other UC researchers on studies aimed at the development of spinach cultivars with low Cadmium (Cd) accumulation. Read UC ANR blog post
  • A research project led by UC Davis graduate student Randi Jimenez and SBC Research Director Allen Van Deynze measures the force it take s to pull jalapeño off its plant. Read more
  • Kent Bradford was featured in a Chilean publication called El Campo. The article looks at the increasing deaths due to contaminated food causing which has motivated different countries to strengthen the stages of production and distribution in order to prevent diseases. Read article
  • A recent Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) report co-authored by SBC Director Kent Bradford, examines the current U.S. regulatory system for genetically engineered (GE) crops, compares it with those of major trading partners, and considers the effects it has on agricultural biotechnology. Read report 
  • European Seed names SBC Education Director Rale Gjuric one of 20 most influential seed people in Europe. Read article
  • SBC Director of Research Allen Van Deynze and SeedQuest CEO Francois Korn featured in COMSTOCK'S January issue. Read article 
  • UC Davis African Plant Breeding Academy highlighted at Plant and Animal Genome conference in San Diego as educational and training component of African Orphan Crops Consortium (AOCC). Read article 
  • SBC Director Kent Bradford presents in Bangkok at the Asia and Pacific Seed Association's (ASPA) annual flagship event. Read more and view video


  • GMOs Might Feed the World If Only Investors Weren't So Scared. Read article
  • Farmer Breaks Ground with California-grown Coffee Success. View video and article
  • UC Davis researchers awarded FFAR grant for testing new drying beads to reduce food waste and energy use. Read more
  • No crop left behind: Improving the plants that Africans eat and breeders neglect.
  • Marc Zienkiewicz highlights the recent ISSS Conference in the January 2018 online issue of GERMINATION: These People Know How Powerful Seeds Really Are. Read more @
  • CSA's Fall Seed Tours. View Video
  • Since 1915: What if Consumers Don’t Love Biotech? Read more
  • Many Educational Paths Exist for Plant Breeders. Read article online @
  • Powerful Tools, Major Possibilities: New technologies are proving to be an asset to up-and-coming plant breeders. Read article online @
  • Ever Wonder Why Cantaloupes Don't Smell Like They Used To? Find out here
  • Certifying Quality Seed in Pakistan. Read more
  • Blueprint for Produce: How Fruits & Vegetables are Designed for the Market. Read article by San Francisco Chronicle staff writer Tara Duggan
  • SBC Hosts Successful 12th Triennial International Society for Seed Science Conference (ISSS) in Monterey, CA, USA. Learn more
  • Gabe Patin Honored at UC Davis. Find more information here.
  • ASTA hosts plant breeding media tour. Read more
  • Promoting neglected and underutilized crops: FAO & African Orphan Crops Consortium try to safeguard valuable food resources. Read more
  • UC Davis Plant Sciences graduate Robert Duncan honored with NAPB’s Early Career Scientist Award. Read more
  • Seed World's Shawn Brook talks with Steve Baenziger at the 2017 NAPB Conference. View video
  • Former SBC Post-Doctoral Researcher Amanda Hulse-Kemp highlighted by Seed World at 2017 NAPB Conference. View video
  • Boston Startup Hopes Its Seeds Will Help Farmers Cope With Climate Change. Read more
  • Can These Super-Crops Feed Africa? SBC Director of Research Allen Van Deynze serves as Scientific Director for the African Orphan Crops consortium (AOCC), a primary partner of the UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy. View video
  • Enoch Achigan Dako (UAC) and Julia Sibiya (PROTA), alumnae of the UC Davis African Plant Breeding Academy, discuss establishment of African Plant Breeding AssociationView video
  • To learn more about China's attitudes towards GMOs, CGTN America's Rachelle Akuffo interviews SBC Director Kent Bradford. View video
  • ASTA President & CEO Andy LaVigne testified before the U.S. House Agriculture Committee regarding The Next Farm Bill: Technology & Innovation in Specialty Crops.
  • UC Davis European Plant Breeding Academy graduates the fourth class. Read more
  • The SBC is very proud and excited to announce the release of our 2016 Annual Report! Please take a moment to read about all that has been going on in 2016 here at the SBC. Read report (PDF)
  • Illumina has generously donated one of its most powerful sequencers, the HiSeq 4000 Sequencing System, to enable the African Orphan Crops Consortium (AOCC) to complete its crop sequencing project. Read more and view video
  • UC Davis African Plant Breeding Academy starts Class III
  • Wal-Mart and Bayer team up to create "Sweet Spark", a designer cantaloupe
    that may be as delectable as summer. Read more
  • GMO crop approval may open door to biotech seed imports in China. Read more
  • In CSA News online, SBC Director Kent Bradford and UCD researcher Pedro Bello discuss their recent publication in Agricultural & Environmental Letters, focusing on the relationship between seed moisture content and relative humidity. Read more
  • SBC Plant Breeding Academy congratulates Dr. David Stelly, a long term PBA lecturer and contributor, on the 2017 International Cotton Advisory Committee Researcher of the Year Award.
  • The SBC is proud to announce that our proposal ranked in the Top 200 out of 801 total submissions for the 100&Change MacArthur Foundation competition. This competition awards a $100 million grant to fund a single proposal that will make measurable progress toward solving a significant problem.
  • Distinguished professor and SBC director Kent Bradford was an invited keynote at the 2nd Pakistan Seed Congress, held at the University of Agriculture in Falsalabad (UAF). To conclude the event, a training workshop was held on “Dry Chain Technology for Reducing Post Harvest Losses of Seeds and Grains”. Read more
  • Craig Newman joins Seed Business 101 team of instructors. Craig is the former President & CEO of AgReliant Genetics, the third largest corn seed company in the U.S.
  • How do you develop crops that will thrive under certain conditions when you can no longer predict what those conditions will be? SBC Director of Research Allen Van Deynze and Professor and UCD Plant Breeding Center Director Charlie Brummer weigh in. Read more
  • Along with Drs. Raj Patel and Thomas Tomich, SBC Director Kent Bradford served as a panel member at the Campus Community Book Project forum, held in March at the UCD Mondavi Center. View video
  • SBC partner the African Orphan Crops Consortium (AOCC)'s large-scale sequencing of African orphan crops is highlighted in genomics article "Sequencing all life captivates biologists", published in Science. See full article
  • SBC Director of Research Allen Van Deynze and UCD genetics researcher Juan Medrano featured in UNIVISION Sacramento TV news piece highlighting coffee genome research. See more
  • SBC completes another successful session of the Seed Production course • February 14-16, 2017, in Davis, CA. The fifty-nine (59) participants represented twelve (12) countries and forty-one (41) companies with wide reach. Read more
  • "Absorbent Beads Could Save Energy—and Lives" in MIT Technology Review: SBC Director Kent Bradford believes a simple ceramic bead that sucks moisture out of the air can make agriculture far more energy efficient and much less expensive. Read more
  • Dr. Robert Dirks, an outstanding scientist and plant breeder, has joined the team of the UC Davis PBA as an instructor with the upcoming EPBA Class V. Read more
  • SBC Director Kent Bradford speaks to the safety of the world’s first GMO apple, which is hitting the U.S. market next month. But, it’s not a Washington apple. Read more
  • The first public genome sequence for Coffea arabica has been released through a collaboration between SBC Director of Research Allen Van Deynze and UCD researchers Dario Cantu, Juan Medrano, and Amanda Hulse-Kemp. Read more
  • SBC Director, Dr. Kent Bradford, speaks about improving yields and embracing technology in Takepart news story, How Do We Feed a Growing World?
  • The SBC Plant Breeding Academy is among the programs highlighted in continuing education by Seed World. Read more
  • The National Council of Commercial Plant Breeders recognized SBC Director of Research, Allen Van Deynze, with the Public Plant Breeding Award. Read more
  • Dr. Kent Bradford, SBC Director, is in Food Dive feature story, What do GMO-free zones mean for farmers and food?
  • SBC Director of Research, Allen Van Deynze, talks about New Breeding Tools, New Opportunities in the latest Germination Update.
  • Seed Central Highlighted: The Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities designated UCD as an Innovation and Economic Prosperity university, noting UCD's economic impact through key initiatives such as support of SBC partner program Seed Central. Read more
  • Dr. Kent Bradford, SBC Director, discusses impact of GMO labeling laws on food industry in Seed World's news story, What's Next for Biotech?
  • SBC successfully organized the 13th Annual Solanaceae Conference. The conference was the best attended to date with over 360 participants from 32 countries over 6 continents. Read about it in Seed World's story here. Then check out video interviews of researchers who attended including SBC's Allen Van Deynze, Director of Research. For conference info, sponsors, and photos, please visit Solanceae conference website.
  • Dr. Irwin Donis-Gonzalez and his lab in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering won the World Food Day Video Challenge sponsored by the UC Davis World Food Center. Watch video here. Full story here.


  • SBC Director, Dr. Kent Bradford, speaks about improving yields and embracing technology in Takepart news story, How Do We Feed a Growing World?
  • The SBC Plant Breeding Academy is among the programs highlighted in continuing education by Seed World. Read more
  • SBC Director of Research, Allen Van Deynze, talks about New Breeding Tools, New Opportunities in the Germination Update.
  • Dr. Kent Bradford,S BC Director, discusses impact of GMO labeling laws on food industry in Seed World's news story, What's Next for Biotech?
  • The National Council of Commercial Plant Breeders recognized SBC Director of Research, Allen Van Deynze, with the Public Plant Breeding Award. Read more 
  • Dr. Kent Bradford, SBC Director, is in Food Dive feature story, What do GMO-free zones mean for farmers and food
  • SBC successfully organized the 13th Annual Solanaceae Conference, best attended to date. Check out Seed World's story and researcher interviews here
  • SBC Director of Research, Allen Van Deynze, is a part of the team working to change lives and improve communities in Africa through the Agricultural Greater Good Initiative. Read more
  • HM.Clause, a key sponsor of the SBC’s Kent J. Bradford Endowed Chair, was awarded the UC Davis Innovative Community Partner Award. Read more
  • Working to Increase the Number of Plant Breeders
  • SBC Director of Research, Allen Van Deynze unveils a hot new tool for pepper breeding in article. Read more
  • The Davis Plant Breeding Academy graduates its fifth class and SBC hosts our ten-year anniversary celebration. Read more
  • Nature Genetics magazine features the research work of SBC's Director of Research, Dr. Allen Van Deynze and colleagues on the carrot genome. Read more.
  • Dr. Allen Van Deynze, SBC Director of Research, and a team of researchers succeed at identifying the full genetic code of the carrot to help improve crops. Read more. This article was also featured in Seed World Daily.
  • Carrot Genome Might Help Improve Crops. Seed World features co-author Dr. Allen Van Deynze, SBC Director of Research.
  • UC Global Food Initiative and SBC Plant Breeding students create video, "What is Plant Breeding?".
  • SBC Scientists Help Lettuce Adapt to Climate Change. SBC's Director, Dr. Kent Bradford and Alfred Huo are highlighted by Seed World.
  • UC Davis SBC to cohost the 13th Annual Solanaceae Conference, September 12-17, 2016.




  • Lovell, A., October 2013. Breeding for Climate Change. SeedWorld
  • Towns, J. September 2013. Plant Breeders Look to the Future. SeedWorld
  • Kent Bradford was recently featured in the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Outlook publication. “We only have two choices to feed nine billion people by 2050,” said Bradford. “Either we increase yields on the land that is already in agricultural production, or we expand agriculture onto new land. Those are the only two options.” For the entire article by John Stumbos and Robin Deriux go to
  • SeedWorld September 2013
  • SeedWorld October 2013


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