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Picture of petri dishes USDA Permit and Notification Resources:
The documents provided by the SBC in no way guarantee compliance to USDA regulations.

The following resources are samples of resources needed for growing transgenic crops at the UC Davis, Seed Biotechnology Center using tomato.  They are freely available to adapt to your specific crop and situation.

Sample Field Book for transgenic plants
USDA Regulation Presentation

Useful USDA links:

USDA-APHIS input on RR Alfalfa

Specialty Crops Regulatory Assistance (SCRA) - a collaborative, public-private effort to assist public and private-sector developers of biotechnology-derived specialty crops in their efforts to complete the complex US regulatory process for commercialization of biotechnology-derived crops.

GMObelus -Your portal to agricultraul biotechnology on the web

Information on the Cartagena Protocol

Public Research & Regulations Initiative

Crop Life: Field Trial Compliance



GM in Agricultural Development. 2012. The Houses of Parliament, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, United Kingdom.

What Do You Want to Know About GMO Food?  Environmental Impacts.

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