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Seed Biotechnology Center
Seed Biotechnology Center
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Seed Biotechnology Center



Basic Tutorials
Foods from Genetically Modified Crops (PDF)
BioTech SYSTEM – a consortium supporting STEM education in grades K-14
Bringing Biotechnology to Life: Educational Resource for Grades 7-10
American Farm Bureau Foundation for Ag, Free Resources and Lesson Plans
Plant Biotechnology in Canada: Crop Protection Institute of Canada, June 2001
Field of Genes, Making Sense of biotechnology in Agriculture, 4-H Council
Waiter, there's a gene in my food, Australian Broadcasting Corp 1999
GMO Poster, Cornell (pdf)
GM Crops & Food: Biotechnology in Agriculture and the Food Chain
A Guide to Biotechnology in Crop Production, NC State
Genetic Engineering of Food, Feed, and Fiber: Understanding Genetic, NC State 
Agricultural Biotechnology, a Virtual Tour: "Look Ma, No Seeds in my Watermelon"
Field of Genes, WhyFiles
GM Food - Safe?, Vega Science Trust - Transcript
Engineering Crops in a Needy World, Minnesota Public Radio 2000
Straight Talk about Biotechnology - DuPont

Intermediate Tutorials
Editors' & Reporters' Guide to Biotechnology, Biotechnology Industry Organization
Genetically Modified Crop Debate in the Context of Agricultural Evolution, CS Prakash may2001
Unit 9: Transgenic plants I
Unit 10: Transgenic plants II: economy, environment and ethics
UCBiotech, University of California, Berkeley
Iowa State's Biotechnology Information Series
Transgenic Crops: An Introduction and Resource Guide - Colorado State University
The Biosafety Protocol
Backgrounder on genetic modification of crops and animals, Univ California 10dec1999
Designer Seeds - Beyond Discovery 1998
What is Biotechnology?, Lemaux, UC Berkeley
Innovation - AFFA Australia
Informing the Dialogue About Ag BioTechnology, Cornell
Council for Biotechnology Information
Biotech Basics - Monsanto
IFT Backgrounder on GMO
Expert Report on Biotechnology and Foods, Institute of Food Technologists - August 2000
GM Foods and the Consumer, Australia New Zealand Food Authority - June 2000
Biotechnology and Food, ACSH sept2000 (pdf)
Genetically modified crops: the social and ethical issues, may1999 (pdf)
Agriculture 2000, California Agriculture magazine special Issue
Genetically Modified Foods: Harmful or Helpful?, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts april2000
Genetically Modified Foods, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
General Biotechnology Information - AfricaBio

Advanced Tutorials
Nat'l Academy Press, The Future Role of Pesticides in U.S. Agriculture (2000)
Smith Report - Seeds of Opportunity 13april2000 (pdf)
Nat'l Academy Press, Genetically Modified Pest-Protected Plants: (2000)
Transgenic Plants and World Agriculture (by 7 national science academies) july2000

Molecular Biology Tutorials
New York Times on the Web - requires free registration
The Composition of Life - animation - NY times
These animations require  Hypercosm Player plug-in
Gene Splicing Primer - animation - NY Times
DNA Replication Process - animation - NY Times
The Scale of DNA - animation - NY Times
Principles of Protein Structure
BioEd: Biology Education Resources
Protocol Online-You lab's reference book
Plant Genome Database Tutorial
Beginner's guide to Molecular Biology
MendelWeb Homepage 97.1
Primer on Molecular Genetics (Department of Energy)
The Biology Project, Univ Arizona
Molecular Biology - The Biology Project, Univ Arizona
CEPRAP Educational Software - Virtual DNA Fingerprinting Lab
Exploring Our Molecular Selves
DNALC: Biology Animation Library - a Bio OnLine site
The DNA Files, Soundvision Productions 1998
The DNA Learning Center
Molecular Biology: General Information and Tutorials
BioComputing Hypertext Coursebook

PCR Methods
Quick Guide for PCR - Alkami (PDF)
DNALC: Biology Animation Library
Molecular biology protocols

ELISA Methods
Microbiology & Immunology - The Biology Project, Univ Arizona
Immunology Protocols
Immunoassay Animations
Fralin Biotechnology Center: Biotech in a Box ELISA
StatLIA Demonstration Guide (commercial software package)
HHMI's BioInteractive: Virtual Labs
HHMI Virtual Lab (ELISA)

Plant Transformation
CEPRAP - Plant Transformation
BioRad Biolistic PDS-1000/He Particle Delivery System (Bulletin_1700.pdf)
Biolistics - Prof. Ruoff at
Biolistic Transformation
Tissue Culture & Genetic Transformation - Noble Foundation
Methods & Applications of Plant Cell & Tissue Culture
Agrobacterium tumefaciens: a natural tool for plant transformation
Commercialization agreement reached on the pollen transformation system, SeedQuest 26jan2001
Unit 9: Transgenic plants I
Unit 10: Transgenic plants II: economy, environment and ethics

Genome Projects, Marker-assisted Breeding
Human Genome Project - multimedia educational kit

AudioVideo via streaming media
GM Foods - Safe?, Vega Science Trust (Real/MPEG1)
UNITE Streaming Video Program, University of Minnesota
Small Business 2000: Streaming Video (requires paid subscription)

The Composition of Life - NY Times (Flash)
these animations require  Hypercosm Player plug-in
Gene Splicing Primer - NY Times (Hypercosm)
DNA Replication Process - NY Times (Hypercosm)
The Scale of DNA - NY Times (Hypercosm)
Science GIF Animations


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