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Alphabetical list of University Research Partners

The SBC's University Research Partners program facilitates collaborations between researchers in the general area of plant biotechnology.  Each of our research partners is an expert in their field and is interested in strengthening the knowledge base of that field.  Please feel free to contact either the SBC or the individual researcher directly for further information or a potential collaboration.

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Research partners are listed below in alphabetical order

Alston, Julian M - Economics of agricultural R&D, technology, and policy

Beckels, Diane M - Primary metabolism; starch and sugar biosynthesis

Bennett, Alan B - Tomato fruit development and intellectual property rights in agriculture

Blumwald, Eduardo - Plant biotechnology

Bostock, Richard M - Biochemistry and molecular biology of plant-microbe interactions

Bradford, Kent J - Seed biology, physiology, dormancy and quality

Britt, Anne B - DNA recombination, repair and response to DNA damage

Bruhn, Christine M - Consumer attitudes toward new technologies

Butler, Leslie (Bees) - Seed industry organization, marketing, intellectual property rights

Callis, Judy - Plant molecular biology and regulated proteolysis

Cantwell, Marita I - Postharvest technology of vegetable crops

Chetelat, Roger T - Tomato genetics and germplasm conservation

Cook, Roberta - Fresh fruit and vegetable economics

Davis, R. Michael - Diseases of vegetable and field crops

DiTomaso, Joseph M - Weed biology and management in non-crop areas.

Dubcovsky, Jorge - Wheat genetics, genomics and breeding

Durzan, Don - Conifer seed biochemistry and nitrogen metabolism

Falk, Bryce - Plant virology, plant virus diseases, and virus infections

Gasser, Charles S - Molecular genetics and ovule development

Gepts, Paul - Crop biodiversity conservation and plant breeding

Gilbertson, Robert L - Seed pathology and plant virology

Gubler, Walter D - Biology and epidemiology of pathogens of fruit crops

Harada, John - Seed development

Harmer, Stacey L - Effects of the circadian clock on plant physiology

Hill, Jim E - Rice production agronomist, extension specialist

Inoue, Kentaro - Plastid development and metabolism

Jasieniuk, Marie - Weed genetics, evolution, and spread (gene flow)

Khush, Gurdev S - International agriculture

Kjelstrom, Judith A - Agricultural biotechnology issues and food safety

Labavitch, John M - Cell wall metabolism and plant development

Lanini, W Thomas - Weed ecology and management in vegetable crops

Lemaux, Peggy G -Improvement of cereals and grasses through engineering

Liu, Bo - Cellular basis of plant growth and formation

Lucas, William J - Cell-to-cell and long-distance communication

Maloof, Julin N - Light and phytochrome regulation of development

McGranahan, Gale - Walnut breeding

McHughen, Alan - Biotechnology for sustainable agriculture, genetics

Michelmore, Richard W - Genetics and genomics of disease resistance in plants

Mitcham, Beth - Methods to measure and maintain quality of fruit

Murray, James D - Genetic engineering of mammals, horse genomics

Negre-Zakharov, Florence - Fruit aroma biology and biochemistry

Parfitt, Dan E - Fruit and nut tree crops, Jatropha biofuels

Powell, Ann L T - Fruit ripening and pathogen susceptibility

Potter, Daniel - Plant systematics

Qualset, Calvin O - Genetic resource conservation and agricultural sustainability

Quiros, Carlos F - Breeding, genetics and genomics of vegetable crops

Rodriguez, Ray - metabolic regulation of gene expression in seeds

Ronald, Pamela - Enhanced stress tolerance

Ross-Ibarra, Jeffrey - Evolutionary and population genetics and genomics

Saltveit, Mikal - Response of harvested plants to abiotic stresses

Sinha, Neelima R - Genetics and evolution of development

Six, Johan - Agroecology

Subbarao, Krishna V - Epidemiology and sustainable disease management

Sumner, Daniel - Agricultural economics

Suslow, Trevor V - Plant microbiology and horticultural sciences

Temple, Steve - Grain and legume breeding, legume cropping systems

Tian, Li - Carotenoid and polyphenol metabolism

Van Deynze, Allen - Molecular genetic, transgenics, biotech regulations

Van Eenennaam, Alison L - Animal biotechnology and genomics

Yoder, John I - Chemical communication between plants

Young, Truman - Restoration ecology


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