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2016 Breeding with Genomics Graduating Class


The SBC hosted its 7th Breeding with Genomics class on February 16-18, 2016.

There were 32 participants from the US, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and France.

Participants included:GeorgeYeltatzie, California Cooperative Rice Research Fondation (USA); Amit Vachher-Gnanathurai, Grownwell Cooperative, Inc. (USA); Andres Navarro, HM.Clause (Mexico); David Zinn, Doriane (France); Rex Phipps, Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc. (USA); Susan Inman, HM.Clause (USA); Nedim Mutlu, Akdeniz University, (Turkey); Duygu Ozdemir, Axia Tohum (Turkey); Duran Simsek, Axia Tohum (Turkey); Janet Matanguihan, Washington State University (USA); Serge Edme, USDA-ARS (USA); Ken Owens, Magnum Seeds, (USA); Kendra Blaker, Plant Sciences, Inc. (USA); Liya Wang, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, (USA); Adam Call, HM.Clause, (USA); Karen Stevenson, University of Idaho, (USA); Luminita Contiu SG Ceresco Inc. (Canada); Irene Griffiths, IBERS, (United Kingdom); Kening Yao, Crop Production Services, (Canada); Cliff Chan, HM.Clause, (USA); Sakaria Liban, DL Seeds Inc. (Canada); Tarek Joobeur, (USA); Davut Keles, Alata Horticultural Research Institute, (Turkey); Velu Govindan, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, (Mexico); Trevor Wittke, Rural Ag Solutions, (USA); Xiangyang Zheng, Magnum Seeds, (USA); Theresa Hill, UC Davis (USA); Joseph Jacobs, HM.Clause, (USA); Amir Bibi, Plant Breeding & Genetics, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan (USA); Dei-wei Chen, Bucolic Seeds, (Taiwan); Emma Locke, DP Seeds, LLC (USA); and Sally  Fox, Vreseis Limited (USA).

The program is aimed at professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in plant breeding and germplasm improvement. It is an opportunity for breeders who are already using these tools to expand their knowledge of new strategies and technologies and for laboratory personnel to appreciate how the marker data that they genĀ­erate are applied in breeding programs.

The course covers basics of DNA markers, quantitative trait loci, association studies and genomic selection. Instructors, experts in application of genomics to plant breeding, include: Allen Van  Deynze, Kent Bradford, Jorge Dubcovsky, Amanda Hulse, Richard Michelmore, Alison Van Eenennaam, UC Davis; Shawn Yarnes, Integrated Breeding Platform; and David Francis, The Ohio State University.


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