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Results from the Delphi Study

There were many similarities between stakeholders participating in this study regarding information students should have obtained at the completion of a graduate degree in plant breeding. Here is a highlight of a few of the most agreed upon conclusions suggested by the participants within each of the four topics:

  • Knowledge: All students should have content knowledge of disciplinary sciences, such as genetics and basic plant breeding, as well as social sciences, including scientific communication and ethics.
  • Experiences: Stakeholders identified a range of practical experiences in research and breeding that can be provided both on and off university campuses. There was also significant emphasis on the need for interpersonal experiences in the areas of scientific communication and collaboration and teamwork (e.g. give a seminar, work with researchers from other disciplines, etc).
  • Skills: Stakeholders identified a range of research, analytic and statistical skills necessary for graduates. They also advocated the need for scientific communication and program and personnel management to work effectively across multiple settings.
  • Specialties: While overwhelmingly focusing on specialties already well incorporated into many plant breeding programs (e.g., breeding for biotic and abiotic stress), suggestions also implied differential needs for specialties in crop quality, nutrition and novel trait development.

A brochure detailing these results entitled Informing the plant breeding curriculum development process can be downloaded (PDF; 3.2 MB)

Following analysis of the collected data by the research team, the following peer-reviewed publications have been accepted:

    Repinski, S.L., Hayes, K.N., Miller, J.K., Trexler, C.J., Bliss, F.A. Plant Breeding Graduate Education: Opinions about Critical Knowledge, Experience and Skill Requirements from Public and Private Stakeholders Worldwide . Crop Science. 2011. 51, 2325-36 (PDF; 3.2 MB)

    Miller, J.K., Repinski, S.L., Hayes, K.N., Bliss, F.A., Trexler, C.J. Designing Graduate-Level Plant Breeding Curriculum: A Delphi Study of Private Sector Stakeholder Opinions . Journal of Natural Resources & Life Science Education. 2011. 40, 82-90. (PDF, 1 MB)

Below are the raw data files containing collated suggestions and ratings from stakeholders in this study. Data is shown from both Rounds II and III, as is indicated on each of the spreadsheets.

    Question 1: Knowledge (xls; 88KB)
    Question 2:  Experiences (xls; 73KB)
    Question 3:  Skills (xls; 123KB)
    Question 4:  Specialties (xls; 50KB)
    Dataset with suggestions from all four questions (xls; 311KB)

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