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Economic Analysis of the California Seed Industry

The California seed industry is one of the most vibrant in the world. The diverse climate and soils of the state, in combination with sophisticated infrastructure for growing, harvesting, processing and marketing high quality seeds, makes this an ideal area for seed production. Spread throughout California, the seed industry is a major provider of seeds for specialty crops, and the industry has evolved to fill an important niche in the global seed industry.

To gain insight into the value of seeds within the California economy, the Seed Biotechnology Center teamed up with the UC Agricultural Issues Center at UC Davis to conduct an economic study of the industry. A two-pronged approach was taken to best determine the scope of the industry. A historical analysis was compiled to track the significance of the seed industry in California over the last three decades.  Also, the researchers surveyed seed companies to estimate the economic value of seeds produced in California to the state, nation, and world.

The completed report examines the evolution of seed crop production in California over the past three decades and places it in the context of U.S. seed production. These results will be used to aid the state’s industry in communicating the impact of the seed industry to stakeholders, regulators, legislators, and ultimately, consumers.  However, as reported in the final anaysis, this industry is very international in nature and the health of California seed impacts seed professionals well beyond the state’s borders.

Results of the economic analysis of the California seed industry are available in the following formats:

Economic Study Press Release
Economic Study Brochure (1.6MB, PDF)
Executive Summary (0.8MB, PDF)
Full Report (2.3MB, PDF)

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