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Seed Business 101sm Field Crops
Attracting and retaining talented new employees is a critical challenge for the seed industry. The Seed Business 101sm course was created with input from industry executives to accelerate the careers of promising new employees and young managers.  The course has been attended by more than 100 people since its launch in fall of 2010.             

The course also offers invaluable insights and perspective to seed dealers and companies offering products and services to the seed industry, including seed treatments, crop protection, seed enhancement and technology, machinery and equipment, etc.

Seed Business 101 is one week course designed to expose the participants to the five functional areas of a seed company (R&D, production, operations, sales and marketing; and administration).  By creating a virtual seed company and case studies for each functional area, the course content is delivered in a very interactive way.  The course gives employees that are new to the seed industry a broad understanding of the major aspects of a seed company‚Äôs operations and cross-departmental knowledge of best practices for profitability. The course is taught by widely respected industry executives with additional help of industry experts participating as guest speakers.

Registrations are now being accepted for the Seed Business 101sm Field Crops, June 11-15, 2012, in Minneapolis.  Register before April 16th, 2012 to take advantage of the early registration discount.

For course details, testimonials and registrations please visit SB 101 or contact Sally Mohr at

Plant Breeding Academy in United States begins September 2012

The UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy is a postgraduate program that teaches the fundamentals of plant breeding, genetics and statistics through lectures, discussion, and field trips to public and private breeding programs. Employers appreciate the opportunity to provide their valued employees advanced training without disrupting their full-time employment.  Participants attend six 6-day sessions at UC Davis. The instructors are internationally recognized experts in plant breeding and seed technology.

The UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy 2012 Class begins in September. It will include new topics that reflect the most recent developments in plant breeding theory and practice.  Applications are now being accepted.  For more information on the UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy visit the PBA website or contact Joy Patterson,

Modern Tools in Plant Breeding
This one-day program on April 20, 2012 is hosted by Pioneer Hi-Bred and UC Davis. Presentation and speakers include:
Genomics and epigenomic variation among maize inbreds
Dr. Nathan Springer, University of Minnesota.
Next-generation tools for studying genomics of wheat evolution and improvement
Dr. Eduard Akhunov, Kansas State.
Engineering rice for disease resistance and submergence tolerance
Dr. Pamela Ronald, University of California, Davis
Comparative genomics of plant-pathogen specificity
Dr. Richard Michelmore, University of California, Davis
Genomic selection in plants: empirical results and implications for plant breeding
Dr. Mark Sorrells, Cornell University
Genetic and epigenetic diversity of maize from a plant breeding perspective
Dr. Antoni Rafalski, Pioneer Hi-Bred

Please register online at: to attend which includes a complimentary lunch and networking social.

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