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         See Alfalfa Gene Flow in Alfalfa – CAST Press Release

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         For more information go to: Problem Solving

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Extension & Outreach Publications

Agricultural Biotechnology in California (ABC) Series. This is a series of outreach publications on a variety of topics of including co-existance and agricultural biotechnologies.

Bradford, K. J. 2006. Methods to Maintain Genetic Purity of Seed Stocks.  Agricultural Biotechnology in California Series. Publication 8189.

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The Science of Gene Flow (PDF) in Agriculture and its Role in Co-existence Proceedings, 2011.

SBC - 10 years of service, education and research 1999-2009 (PDF). 2009.

100 Years of Breeding (PDF). 2008.

Van Deynze, A.E., Martins, J., Bradford, K.J., 2007. An Analysis of Transgenic Field Trials in the United States. Seed Biotechnology Center. See Trial Slides for additional information.

Essays & Editorials

Fraser, R.L. 2010. Changes in Academic Seed Research. Growing Magazine.

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Tennison, R.I. September 2010. A Career with a Growing Future. Seed World.

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Comments for consideration and review of biotech regulatory system, by Kent Bradford

USDA Biotech Regulatory Services Docket No. APHIS-2007-2044- comments supporting the deregulation of Round-up Ready Alfalfa


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