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What is the Seed Biotechnology Center’s Commitment to Seed Industry Education?

As an academically based organization, the SBC is committed to providing continuing education in all aspect of seed biology, quality, plant breeding and marketing.  The SBC publishes bulletins and offers courses for seed industry professionals that enable them to keep current in the latest scientific advances impacting their work.  The SBC is also active in the education of plant breeders and seed scientists both in traditional academic programs and through new models.  Over 2000 industry participants have benefited from SBC courses and workshops over the past 10 years.  These activities are all self-funded through tuition or registration fees. 

  • Plant Breeding Academy.  At the recommendation of industry leaders, the Academy was established to increase the number of qualified plant breeders being trained for participation in industry breeding programs.  Participants meet for six one-week courses over two years, and the number of participants is limited to provide a personalized learning environment.  Class I of the Academy started in 2006 with 15 participants and Class II, starting in 2008, has completed three of their six sessions.

  • Seed Biology, Production and Quality.  This 2-day short course for professionals was first offered in 2,000 and has been offered in alternate years since 2001.  It provides a broad overview of the biology underlying seed production and quality as well as practical information in seed cleaning, storage, testing and enhancement.  Nearly 100 participants attended its latest offering in March 2009.

  • Breeding with Molecular Markers.  This 2-day short course targets breeders and seed professionals who want to learn how to incorporate molecular markers into their breeding programs.  The course is continually updated as technologies change and includes invited experts and hands-on experience in data analysis.  It is offered in alternate years with the Seed Biology, Production and Quality course.

  • Custom Courses.  The SBC has the capacity to custom-design courses for individual clients.  Courses on specific topics have been provided as parts of company research meetings or continuing education programs.

The SBC is dedicated to designing and delivering highly professional education courses for the seed industry’s benefit.  The industry is encouraged to contact us for more information regarding current courses or with new ideas for education programs., Phone: (530) 754-7333.

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