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What has made the Plant Breeding Academy so successful?

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The Plant Breeding Academy has grown from a stakeholder suggestion in 2005 into a thriving resource for training plant breeders.  The Academy was developed by the SBC in direct response to industry concerns over the reduced number of plant breeders being trained in academic programs around the world.  The two-year course provides an opportunity for companies to invest in dedicated personnel who are currently involved in breeding programs, but in order to reach their full potential require further formal plant breeding instruction.  The course schedule allows students to maintain their current jobs while enrolled. 

Class I of the PBA began instruction in September 2006 with 15 students enrolled.  After six sessions, each six day in length, they graduated in June 2008.  Quotes from graduates of Class I include, “Overall, this course is invaluable to me in that I am able to maintain my full-time, great job, and gain this knowledge without having to become a full-time student.” and “It would be hard to find more plant breeding talent put together in a single program than at the PBA.”  The 22 members of Class II began in September of 2008 and will graduate in June 2010. 

The course curriculum extends to comprehensive subjects in plant breeding including: genetics, statistics, single trait selection, recombination and population development, resistance breeding, genotyping, biotechnology, data management, finishing varieties and seed production, conditioning and storage.  Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion from UC Davis.   The SBC is now accepting applications for Class III.  For more information see or contact Joy Patterson at (530) 752-4414 or

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