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When the California Seed Association and the California Seed Advisory Board began working to create the Seed Biotechnology Center more than 10 years ago, there was an expectation that the SBC would make an important public service contribution to the California seed industry.  Can you explain what the SBC has done in the past 10 years to fulfill these expectation?

The SBC is involved, on a daily basis, with public service activities on behalf of the California seed industry.  These activities have created the opportunity to strengthened the partnership between the SBC and the CSA and its members.  Many of the non-research and education activities of the SBC have provided broad benefits to the seed industry.  These activities are largely supported by the core California Seed Advisory Board funding contributed annually to the SBC and include:

  • Scientific input on regulatory and policy issues.  The SBC serves as an independent scientific voice on a wide range of regulatory and policy issues affecting seeds and the seed industry.  Groups including the CSA, CDFA, American Seed Trade Association, California Farm Bureau and USDA have all benefited from the scientific expertise and public testimony of the SBC.  

  • Tours and public education programs.  The SBC hosts hundreds of visitors each year, providing an opportunity to inform then about the importance and diversity of the California’s seed industry.  These include CSA organized tours for legislators and their staff, high school and college students and diverse groups visiting UC Davis.  The SBC is constantly looking for ways to promote the California seed industry.

  • Web-based field isolation maps.  The SBC and California Crop Improvement Association collaborated in 2002 and 2003 to develop a program that would allow seed producers to mark fields and identify isolation distances for different crops over the internet.  It features maps and drawing tools that make it easy to mark field locations, measure distances and alert other growers in the area of planting plans.

  • Economic studies of the seed industry.  In 2003 and again in 2009, the SBC and the UC Davis Agricultural Issues Center conducted surveys and analysis of the scope of the economic activity in the California seed industry.  This data is used by the CSA and other groups to highlight the importance of the seed industry to California’s agricultural economy.

Members of the California seed industry are encouraged to contact the SBC with ideas for outreach and public service opportunities. Email:, Phone: (530) 754-7333.

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