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Seed Biotechnology Center
Seed Biotechnology Center
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An Endowment for the Future

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The Seed Biotechnology Center has established a thriving partnership with the seed industry, enabling it to become a vibrant part of the university and a critical resource for the advancement of seed science. However, state funding does not guarantee a faculty position dedicated to seed science nor a director for the Seed Biotechnology Center. 

The establishment of the Kent J. Bradford Endowed Chair in Seed Science will provide support for a faculty member at UC Davis who would be focused on seed biology and technology and serve as the director of the Seed Biotechnology Center. An endowment will ensure that the seed industry‚Äôs needs for academic research, education and public service can continue to be met in perpetuity. For more information or to contribute to this goal, contact  

The complete SBC Endowment Brochure .

To make a gift dedicated to the endowment, please go to the Bradford Endowment site



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