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The mission of the Seed Biotechnology Center (SBC) is to mobilize the research, educational and outreach resources of UC Davis in partnership with the seed and biotechnology industries to facilitate discovery and commercialization of new seed technologies for agricultural and consumer benefit.

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Corn story

Study Finds Indigenous Mexican Variety of Corn Captures the Nitrogen It Needs from the Air

A team of researchers including SBC Director of Research, Dr. Allen Van Deynze and Cristobal Heitmann, discover an indigenous variety of corn that can “fix nitrogen” from the atmosphere, instead of requiring synthetic fertilizers. Cristobal Heitman, “Cris”, was a beloved member of the UC Davis Plant Sciences Department. Cris’s energy and enthusiasm were a major catalyst in this research. Read more.

Ryots get access to ‘dry chain’, a cost-effective technology

During his visit to India, Dr. Kent Bradford, SBC Director, inaugurated the facility where the solar drying chambers are located and dubbed it the first comprehensive field-tested ‘dry chain’ system in India. Read article


Rare Groundcherry Could Soon Be Everywhere, Thanks to Gene Editing

SBC Director of Research, Dr. Allen Van Deynze discusses gene editing in this HOW STUFF WORKS article. Read article.  

Moringa, the next superfood

In this Washington Post story, SBC Director for Research, Dr. Allen Van Deynze was interviewed for his work with African orphan crops, moringa being one of them that can potentially be the next superfood to help feed the world. Watch video and read article

 The pitfalls of FDA’s GMO food labeling

SBC Director, Dr. Kent Bradford, was a contributor on this article. The article discusses how GMO food labeling can be misleading and false at times, and the new labeling laws in the works. Learn more

What role does California play in the U.S. food production system?

ASTA interviews Dr. Kent Bradford, SBC Director, in this video. Watch now.

SBC Annual Report 2017 cover
2017 was a busy year at the SBC!

Read all about our 2017 educational courses, people, research, outreach, public service and other activities in our newly-released Annual Report.

Scientific American
Corn Variety Grabs Fertilizer from the Air

Scientific American interviews Dr. Allen Van Deynze, SBC Director of Research. Listen to Podcast

AOCC Earth Overshoot Day
How changing the world’s food systems can help to protect the planet

Together the SBC African Plant Breeding and the African Orphan Crop Consortium (AOCC) are working to change the world’s food systems in response to “Earth Overshoot Day”.  Read more.

Gene Discovery May Yield Lettuce That Will Sprout in Hot Weather

A team of researchers and Dr. Kent Bradford, SBC Director, discovered genes that will enable plant breeders to develop lettuce varieties that can grow in high temps. Full article.

VOA article

High-Tech Agriculture

SBC Director of Research, Dr. Allen Van Deynze speaks to Voice of America about the use and impact of high-tech agricultures tools in planting seeds for today and the future. Listen

Seed Central receives award from UC Davis Chancellor's Office

Seed Central receives award from UC Davis Chancellor's Office, Francois Korn and Kent Bradford
Congratulations to Seed Central co-founders Francois Korn and Kent Bradford. Seed Central is the recipient of the UC Davis Chancellor’s Innovative Community Partner of the Year Award (2018). This award is given to recognize and acknowledge significant contributions to driving regional economic impact through innovation, entrepreneurship or support for growing the startup ecosystem in collaboration with university. Read more

Allen Van Deynze talks about breeding better tomatoes Allen Van Deynze
Listen up everyone! SBC Research Director Allen Van Deynze discusses the intricacies, art and science of plant breeding in this Breeding Better Tomatoes podcast

Rale Gjuric named one of 20 most influential seed people

We are excited and proud to announce the placement of SBC Education Director Rale Gjuric on EUROPEAN SEED's list of highly influential people in 2017. In a time where seed companies worldwide are having trouble filling their breeding vacancies, Rale has been instrumental in spearheading education efforts that have trained numerous students. Under his leadership, the UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy has offered 15 classes worldwide since 2006 that were attended by 281 breeders from over 60 countries, making this organization the most recognized program of its kind.
Read about Rale in European Seed article; Full article

In loving memory, Cris Heitmann

SBC graduate student Cris Heitmann passed away on April 17, 2018 in a bicycle accident. He will be profoundly missed by colleagues, friends and family.
Learn more about Cris • Cris Heitmann
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Kent Bradford highlighted in Seed World magazine, September 2015

featured in 
Seed World Magazine
Two plant sciences professors-- Kent Bradford and Gurdev Khush are among  SEED WORLD magazines's picks for its list of 100 most transformational men and women in the seed industry in the last 100 years.

2017 Annual Report

SBC Annual Report 2017 cover


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