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The mission of the Seed Biotechnology Center (SBC) is to mobilize the research, educational and outreach resources of UC Davis in partnership with the seed and biotechnology industries to facilitate discovery and commercialization of new seed technologies for agricultural and consumer benefit.

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Corn story

Study Finds Indigenous Mexican Variety of Corn Captures the Nitrogen It Needs from the Air

A team of researchers including SBC Director of Research, Dr. Allen Van Deynze and Cristobal Heitmann, discover an indigenous variety of corn that can “fix nitrogen” from the atmosphere, instead of requiring synthetic fertilizers. Cristobal Heitman, “Cris”, was a beloved member of the UC Davis Plant Sciences Department. Cris’s energy and enthusiasm were a major catalyst in this research. Read more.

Dry Chain Webinar with Kent Bradford

The Horticulture Innovation Lab hosted a webinar entitled "Dry Chain: Solving dried commodity losses due to moisture and humidity" with a panel of UC Davis representatives. SBC distinguished professor, Kent Bradford joined them to discuss how the dry chain protects the quality of dry commodities. Watch now


Allen Van Deynze Receives Excellence in Research Award
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Congratulations to our own Allen Van Deynze, director of research at the SBC and associate director of the Plant Breeding Center at UC Davis. He was awarded the UC Davis Academic Federation's 2019 Excellence in Research Award at a ceremony held this past week on campus. He has conducted groundbreaking research in Mexico and in Africa and has received more than $12 million in research funding since 2012. Way to go Allen! Read more

AOCC article
UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center partnership with African Orphan Crop Consortium prepare underutilized crops for success

The UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center’s Plant Breeding Academy aims to train 150 breeders, connecting them to research resources and funding while empowering them to apply their knowledge to their traditional crops and communities. Read more.

Plant Breeding Academy Addresses Global Food Needs

UC Davis' Department of Plant Sciences shares how PBA is changing the global food supply one scientist at a time. Read article.   

Dry Card
UC Davis Horticulture Innovation Lab’s DryCard improves the health of communities by testing the dryness of grains, seeds

A DryCard is the latest technology to improve the shelf-life of seeds. Dr. Kent Bradford, SBC Director, describes how the amazing DryCard works. Read more

SBC Founding Father Gabe Patin and Director Kent Bradford discuss benefits of Sakata’s new Woodland Innovation Center

Comstock Magazine highlighted the value of locating Sakata’s Woodland Innovation Center in the Sacramento Valley. The region’s fertile soil and ideal climate make it one of the best places in the world for seed production. In addition, its close proximity to UC Davis will allow Sakata to strengthen its already existing ties to the university. Learn more.

Ryots get access to ‘dry chain’, a cost-effective technology
During his visit to India, Dr. Kent Bradford, SBC Director, inaugurated the facility where the solar drying chambers are located and dubbed it the first comprehensive field-tested ‘dry chain’ system in India. Read article

spicy tomato
Scientists could engineer a spicy tomato. Is it worth it?

Scientists are working on growing a spicy tomato. Dr. Allen Van Deyneze, SBC Director of Research shares his insight on the research. Read article

Benson Hill Teams Up with The African Orphan Crops Consortium to Combat Malnutrition Through Underutilized Crops

Allen Van Deynze, Director of Research, Seed Biotechnology Center, University of California, Davis and Scientific Director of the African Orphan Crops Consortium highlights effort to accelerate the ability of African scientists to develop better seeds and improve the diets of Africa’s children. Learn more


In loving memory, Cris Heitmann

SBC graduate student Cris Heitmann passed away on April 17, 2018 in a bicycle accident. He will be profoundly missed by colleagues, friends and family.
Learn more about Cris • Cris Heitmann
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featured in 
Seed World Magazine
Two plant sciences professors-- Kent Bradford and Gurdev Khush are among  SEED WORLD magazines's picks for its list of 100 most transformational men and women in the seed industry in the last 100 years.

EUROPEAN SEED named SBC Education Director, Rale Gjuric, one of 20 most influential seed people. Read more. 


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